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This web site is a portal to many of my writings, especially Torah Posts on the weekly portion and festivals, essays on Jewish Law (responsa), and a selection of other essays, videos and audio files. I welcome your feedback by email: rabbidanielnevins@gmail.com.

Recent Responsa

Early Circumcision During a Pandemic. As the Covid pandemic intensified and some jurisdictions imposed lockdowns, it became difficult for some families to convene for a brit milah on their son’s eighth day of life. In such circumstances is it permitted to circumcise early in the hospital? How might the mitzvah of brit milah be later fulfilled, and with what liturgy? This responsum was approved by the CJLS on December 10, 2020.

Recent Video

Changemakers: What’s Next for Jewish Life? A Discussion on the Post-Covid Jewish World with Rabbis Sharon Brous, Menachem Creditor, Mitchel Malkus and Julie Roth, April 15, 2021.

Recent Torah Posts

Freewill from Forbidden Fruit: Bereshit 5782

Who wouldn’t want to eat a fruit that makes them smarter? In Chapter 2 of Genesis, God places Adam in the Garden of Eden and invites the first people to taste any fruit in the garden, except for the fruit of one tree: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why not? A disturbing…

Humility from Heaven: Pinhas 5781

“And there shall be a sin offering for the Lord” (Numbers 28:15).   Did God commit a sin? What? When? We know all about the sin of Adam and Eve, but God is perfect, right? Indeed, the Torah does describe God in Deuteronomy 32:4 as “The Rock, the Perfect One…whose ways are just..who is never false,…

A Better Way to Pay Restitution: Naso 5781

Many years ago my car was stolen from its spot outside our apartment in Michigan. In the middle of the night a police officer woke us up and informed me that someone had been pulled over while driving it with a smashed window down Northwestern Highway—had I by chance lent it to them? I had…