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Shabbat Tazria/HaHodesh 5774: Born Again

One winter night some years ago I crossed the parking lot of Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI. Looking up, I saw a great cloud of steam rising from the heat grates, dramatically lit by floodlights mounted on the hospital roof. This dynamic swirling above the hospital, combined perhaps with the heaviness I felt in visiting a dying patient, mixed also with the happy memory that my own son had recently been born in this very building, took me out of ordinary consciousness. I felt then that I was visiting not just a hospital but a transit hub, with souls entering and exiting the world, as some gave birth while others died within the walls of the building. The proximity of endings and beginnings all under one roof made me recall Jacob’s vision of the angels ascending and descending, and his statement upon awakening, “how awesome is this place; it is none other than a house of God and a portal to heaven.”  Continue reading